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The audio seminar will give specific information, backed by research on the nutrients that everyone needs. Find out the difference between whole food vitamins and synthetic made in the laboratory supplements.  Learn about the importance of digestive enzymes and how cooked and processed foods are depleting our stores of these vital nutrients. Find out about antioxidants that are way more powerful than Vitamins A, C and E. Find out the truth behind mineral supplementation and absorption. And finally, find out what a probiotic is and why you probably need it.  After listening to the audio seminar you’ll be able to determine if you are lacking any of these nutrients and have an idea of how to better attain them through diet and supplementation.



Optimal Health Systems is a company that specializes in whole food vitamins. I have recommended their products since 1994 and patients love them. These truly great products help support the adjustments i give and contribute to overall improved health. To order optimal health systems products and recieve a 10% discount on your first order : and don't forget to put in the code ohsginsberg to recieve your discount!


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