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Corporate wellness 

See what other businesses have to say about Ginsberg Chiropractic’s Corporate Wellness Programs

"As a part of a quarterly employee appreciation gift, the employee appreciation committee asked Dr. Ginsberg’s staff to come to our two locations and give each of our employees a 15 min table massage. In the past we gave the employees 10 min chair massages and by far the table massage was much more appreciated. The employees were esteemed to receive such a thoughtful gift and company moral was heightened. To see everyone’s smiling faces was a joy to the committee and to senior management. Our experience with Ginsberg Chiropractic was an enjoyable one and we look forward to having them back for more massages at minimum, once a year."


Best Regards,


St. Charles Bank & Trust Co.

Employee Appreciation Committee

“Dr. Ginsberg has been contributory in helping our company develop and implement our wellness program.  We had an initial meeting in order to provide him with the appropriate information he needed in order to tailor a wellness program beneficial to our employees.  He has been in regular contact with us to make sure we are succeeding in our program, and is always available for suggestions, and/or answers to our questions.  He recently came to our facility and gave our staff a very informative lunch and learn presentation on stress which was very well received by everyone here.  He had us do some key tests during the stress presentation which were real eye openers to some staff members - there were many conversations after Dr. G’s presentation on how we can all manage and even alleviate certain forms of stress.  Looking forward to future lunch and learn presentations from Dr. G!”  -  


Donna S. – Wellness Committee - CENTA Corporation, Aurora, IL 


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(one lecture free for every four hours of corporate massage booked)

  1. The Time is Now: How we view sickness and disease and how this much change in order for us to be healthy! (Potentially life changing information!!)
  2. The War Within:  The struggles our bodies face daily. What really contributes to illness and disease and how we need to change our thinking to promote health rather than resist disease. (Another extremely popular and life altering lecture!)
  3. The 100 year lifestyle: How old do you want to be. Seven steps for aging more successfully and living a more productive life! Attendees will learn tips on how exercise, posture, antiaging supplements, nutrition, and chiropractic can help them live a fuller more productive life.
    Attendees will learn about the importance of posture and balance and its impact on aging.
    First half of lecture talks about stress buildup and pressure points and the second  half is Pressure Point Therapy 101.  Attendees will learn the basic application of pressure point therapy and how to help improve headaches, neck and shoulder pain by the time they are done with this class. (Very Interactive and popular!)
  6. STRAIGHTEN UP AMERICA:  A 5 minute exercise program to improve spinal health.Attendees will learn the importance of good spinal health and how to perform exercises to improve their spinal health.
  7. 5  STEPS TO A BETTER BODY WITHOUT COMPROMISING YOUR HEALTH.   Successful strategies for losing weight permanently and safely


Corporate wide health fair: we can help organize by bringing in other practitioners or simply participate in an already organized health fair. Some of the screening services we could provide would be Backfit testing, Computerized Surface EMG and spinal screenings, blood pressure checks, and nutrition information, weight loss and antiaging materials, etc..- we could help locate dentists, nutritionists, massage therapists, counselors etc….

Backfit testing = find out in 5 minutes or less what your risk of lower back pain is. Doctors perform 4 simple screening tests and participants receive a score from 4-16 indicating their risk (low, moderate, or high) of future back pain. (no cost to employer)

Pressure point therapy =  5 minute spot massages to identify trouble spots and relieve pain (First HOUR IS Free)

Surface EMG testing and spinal screenings = identify underlying spinal problems that might be interfering with your workouts and your health. (no cost to employer)

Antiaging table ; information on posture improvement, antioxidants, natural growth hormone secretagogous, nutrition and adrenal stress testing, and healthy chocolate all can contribute to improving health, preventing cancer and heart disease and helping one to age more gracefully. (no cost to employer)

CORPORATE ON-SITE CHAIR MASSAGE: minimum of 90 minutes booked between multiple employees – (cost is $1.50 per minute= $90/hour) travel time may be charged if location is more than 20 miles from office.

Corporate postural rehabilitation exercise program = improving posture improves health and worker productivity. This program helps individuals improve posture and balance.(7 weekly 15 minute group sessions –fee $149/person, minimum of 4 participants)

CORPORATE WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE: we can put together an entire weight loss challenge for workers. On-site weigh-ins, body fat testing, information on weight loss strategies and prizes. (Cost contingent on number of participants)

On site nutritional consultations with our nutritionist. (cost contingent on number of participants).


"Dr. Ginsberg, along with Ginsberg Chiropractic, has provided many beneficial services for the employees at the City of St. Charles.  He has given seminars on Wellness topics, has participated at our annual Wellness Fairs and his staff has provided chair massages that is enjoyed by many."

Lynn Creedon, SPHR
Benefits Coordinator
City of St. Charles

What the Research Says About Chiropractic Healthcare...


Further Analysis of Health Care Costs For Chiropractic and Medical Patients

The analysis of well-insured patients in plans that do not restrict the chiropractic benefit strengthens results previously reported.  In this study, therefore,  the favorable cost patterns for chiropractic patients cannot be attributed to insurance restriction limiting reimbursement for chiropractic services relative to other services.  Because adjustments for patient characteristics systematically reduce the cost advantages of chiropractic patients as compared to mean differences derived from unadjusted data, the results also demonstrate that adjusted values should be used for meaningful comparison between the two groups of patients .

 J. Manipulative Physiological Therapeutic 1994 Sept;17(7):  442-446


Comparative Analysis of Individuals with and Without Chiropractic Coverage:  Patient Characteristics, Utilization, and Costs

A 4 year retrospective claims data analysis comparing more than 700,000 health plan members within a managed care environment found that members had lower annual total health care expenditures, utilized x-rays and MRIs less, had less back surgeries, and for patients with chiropractic coverage, compared with those without coverage, also had lower average back pain episode-related costs ($289 vs $399, P,.001).  The authors concluded:  "Access to managed chiropractic care may reduce overall health care expenditures through several effects, including (1) positive risk selection; (2) substitution of chiropractic for traditional medical care, particularly for spine conditions; (3) more conservative, less invasive treatment profiles; and (4) lower health service costs associated with managed chiropractic care."

Arch Intern Med 2004, October11;

164(18): 1985-1892

Cost-Effectiveness of Medical and Chiropractic Care for Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain

Acute and chronic chiropractic patients experienced better outcomes in pain, functional disability, and patient satisfaction.  Chiropratic care appeared realtively cost-effective for the treatment of chronic low back pain (LBP).  Chiropractic and medical care performed comparable for acute patients.  Practice-based clinical outcomes were consisten with systematic reviews of spinal manipulation efficacy:  manipulation-based therapy is at least as good as and, in some cases, better than other therapeusis.  This evidence can guide physicians, payers, and policy makers in evaluating chiropractic as a treatment option for low back pain.

J. Manipulative Physiol Ter 2005 (October) 28(8): 555-563





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