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Article #1 in a Series on Wellness Care 

From the Desk of Dr. David Ginsberg,
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Why people get back pain article 

Why People Get Back Pain and What You Can Do About It Right Now… and in the future!
- By Dr. David Ginsberg, D.C.

Some chiropractors hold a class in their office called The Spinal Care Class. Since we all have such busy lives today, I thought I would save you time by giving you my Spinal Care Class in the form of this article! The first thing I want to talk about is…

"Chiropractic Is Only For Back Pain, Right?" For years, we believed that if your spine was "out of alignment" it meant that the spine was under pressure. This meant the spine was pressing like a tourniquet on nerves! We believed that this nerve "interference" caused many other health problems... including the pain you felt.

What is a Subluxation?  A subluxation is the term we use to describe what happens when a vertebrae goes out of its normal position. Like a row of falling dominoes that suddenly stops, so does joint movement because the bones are out of proper position. What happens when you have a spinal subluxation?

Three negative things can and do occur:

1. Nerve flow drops! Did you know that only 40 millimeters of pressure on the nerve for only 5 minutes causes a 60% reduction in nerve flow? That is quite a lot. Especially when you consider that ideally you want to be at 100% yet you're less than half of that!

2. Ever hear of a condition called arthritis? When a subluxation exists there could eventually be an arthritic change that develops around the area where the vertebrae is out of position.

3. Permanent damage can occur. We call this a degenerative change. When a nerve dies, it is dead forever. It can't be fixed.

Is a subluxation something to be worried about? In fact it is…


“But Doctor, Doesn't Everyone Have a Crooked Spine Here and There? Aren't They Still Normal?” No, it is not normal. When we get a new patient, we sometimes show them an x-ray of what a healthy spine looks like. Then I show them a spine not aligned. Even a small "crook" in the spine, can cause nerve damage. There are only 31 spinal nerve roots in the entire body. When you limit nerve function at any place, it can cause numerous problems in the body.

Why is the Human Body so Prone to Having Back Problems? Most animals on this planet walk on all fours. Human Beings are somewhat unique in that we are one of a few animals that are bipeds - we walk only on two feet. Gravity also exerts its evil wear and tear on the human because we are trying to walk upright while gravity tries to pull us down our entire existence.  Because we walk on two feet, because of gravity, and because we weigh  100+... 200+ pounds, our bodies are subject to tremendous amounts of wear and tear. This wear and tear shows up as back problems. Or what I call spinal subluxations.

Why Are Adjustments Needed to Correct Back Problems?  This is something that has caused much confusion with the general public. If a new patient comes in and a doctor reviews their x-ray, we may see numerous spinal subluxations. We then begin adjusting the patient. Often they start feeling good right away. Because you no longer feel pain does that mean you are okay? That's an incorrect assumption because the absence of symptoms does not necessarily mean the condition is gone. Because of the millions being spent by aspirin companies and others offering pain killing pills, people now think that "no pain means no problem."  We need to change our thinking about pain. Pain is like a car horn. It is a warning signal that something is wrong and needs attention.

What makes chiropractic different is we first seek to locate the CAUSE of the pain. By removing the CAUSE we can eventually eliminate the pain (we hope).

How to Add Years of Quality Pain Free Health to Your Life

Want to know the secret of my most successful patients? They always do two things:

1. They have a successful completion of CORRECTIVE CARE: I realize how busy you are. I realize that some days the last thing you feel like doing is making your appointment. Let me assure you, that your efforts will be well rewarded in the form of a happy and healthy pain free existence. My most successful patients all make it a priority to complete Corrective Care, no matter what else is going on in their life.

2. They lock in their progress, with MAINTENANCE: Have you ever purchased a new car? All experts agree that the best way to prolong the life of that car and keep it running smoothly is frequent oil changes and tune-ups. But have you ever noticed that people often place greater importance on maintaining things than we do on maintaining ourselves? This is a mistake that costs you back pain again.  Would you like to know what my most successful patients do?  They lock in their progress, with MAINTENANCE CARE. Chiropractic maintenance works the exact same way as car maintenance. Namely, you’ll maintain your progress through regular spinal “tune-ups”. 

Let’s create great changes through CORRECTIVE CARE. Then let’s build on 
the success you’ve achieved with MAINTENACE.

Will we be angry if you don't come back frequently for maintenance? No! We will welcome you always at whatever degree of frequency you desire. However we know how much better health you will experience when you lock in your progress, with maintenance after you’ve made it all the way through corrective care. (And by the way - money is never an issue at our clinic. We'll help people who need it always.)

In summary, your spine is a wonderful thing! Over the next four months you will be experiencing many great positive changes to your health and well being. Welcome to the exciting world of chiropractic!

Thanks for reading. We'll see you soon!


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