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Should I bring my child to the chiropractor even if he/she doesn’t have
A normal birth can result in up to 150 pounds of pressure being exerted on the neck of the newborn. The twisting and pulling required during the normal delivery
process often results in subtle misalignments of the bones in
the newborn neck. This can irritate or press on the nerves that exit the neck or
skull. This is called a subluxation. A subluxation results in decreased flow to the organ or
tissue that the nerve supplies. In newborns and infants, these subluxations rarely result in
neck or lower back pain because the infant spine is so flexible and still cartilaginous.
However, the newborn subluxations often result in ear infections, sinusitis, asthma, problems
with breastfeeding, attention problems, colic and learning disorders. Some cases have been
linked to sudden infant death syndrome from a pinched nerve in the upper neck. Other causes of
subluxations can be malposition while in the uterus or the use of extraction aids during
delivery or c-section. Unfortunately , a thorough examination of the
individuale vertebra is not within the scope of most Western
trained pediatricians. It is for this reason that we suggest all newborns have their spines
examined by a qualified pediatric chiropractic within the first 2 weeks of life. This will
help to identify any pinched nerves that may be the result of in-utero malposition or the
birthing process. As kids get older, and these problems go undetected, they can begin to
develop into frequent sore throats, neck and back pain, and sometimes

What parents are saying about their
child’s care at Ginsberg Chiropractic
“My son is 8
years old and has been having trouble with night-time bladder control. After 2 visits with Dr. Ginsberg, he has been totally dry at
night! Thank you so much!” Brett F.

“My son was having numerous sinus and ear infections and I did not like all the prescription drugs he was taking. After seeing Dr. Ginsberg he is feeling better and off the medications. He is also listening better
and doing better in school!” Jeannine B.

“Our experience with Dr. Ginsberg and staff would best be described as ‘excellent
– going the extra mile for their patients’. Both my 17 month old and my 4 year old don’t mind
the adjustments at all.”  J.

“After getting my 3 year old adjusted and changing his diet at the recommendation of Dr. G, he is so much easier to deal with. His hyperactivity and listening have improved so much! This has saved my sanity as a parent.”