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kidchiro geneva il Declark Meet the Doctor

Dr. DeClark grew up in Elmhurst, IL and graduated from Eastern Illinois University. He then
earned his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, which is the
fountainhead of chiropractic. While at Palmer he was part of an intern program for two years
where he studied and taught the Gonstead system of analysis to Palmer students. He also
interned for a Gonstead chiropractor and received hundreds of hours of instruction and had the
opportunity to work with many different doctors.

Dr. DeClark wanted to pursue a career which was both fulfilling and had a profound positive
impact on people. Being a chiropractor meets both of those criteria.
Dr. DeClark’s mission is to have a positive impact on patients by providing them with an
opportunity to improve their health by increasing their body’s ability to function and adapt via
chiropractic care. In addition, to offer the very best in chiropractic care and to assist every
patient in receiving an opportunity for optimal health.