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At GINSBERG CHIROPRACTICwe offer a comprehensive list of services to satisfy the healthcare needs of patients of all ages. Whether you are looking for lower back pain or neck pain relief, correction of a specific health problem like headaches or sciatica, or tools to try and stay well we have many products and services to choose from. It is our mission to educate our patients on their health care options and then let them decide, while we coach them to their specific health care goals. We aim to provide top notch health care in a fun environment.




Specific full spine adjusting  

Gonstead Method (go to    for more information)  

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Exercise and Posture Rehabilitation 

Physical Therapy Modalities 

Dietary counseling and nutritional supplementation 

Weight loss coaching 

Progressive Relaxation/ hypnosis for weight loss, pain management, stress relief, and to stop smoking   

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To make an appointment or for more information call 630-232-6400 or send an email to  

Steps To Becoming A Patient: 

After browsing the website and deciding you would like to try our office call to schedule a new patient appointment (232-6400) 

Step 1 =  You may download patient intake forms from our website so you can complete them at your convenience and bring with you to your first appointment. 

Step 2 = Upon entering the office you will be greeted by our friendly staff and immediately taken to a consultation room. 

Step 3 =Educational  Process – we will teach you how your body works, how most problems begin, and explain how our office can provide you with different care options to get rid of pain and built up tension and restore your health. 

Step 4 = Pinpoint the Problem Process – in this step the doctors will get a detailed history of your problem, and then perform a series of examinations and diagnostic tests to get to the source of your pain.   If we determine we can help you we will let you know, if not we will give you our opinion of what type of further care you should seek for your problem. If we decide to accept your case: 

Step 5 =  Rapid Relief Phase- after the doctor gives you a detailed report of his findings, we will begin a series of specific adjustments, therapies, and/or  nutritional intervention tailored for your problem to help get rid of pain fast. If being overweight is contributing to your health problem or is something you want to address we have specific programs to help patients achieve their weight loss goals. 

Step 6 = Stabilization Phase – once the pain is gone, if you desire corrective care, we will continue to correct the problem so the pain stays away 

Step 7 = Wellness Forever Phase – after the pain is gone and the problem is stabilized we will make necessary recommendations to help you stay well and prevent future problems. 

What You Can Expect From Our Office  FREE SURFACE EMG TESTING FOR YOUR CHILDREN IF CHECKED IN FIRST 2 WEEKS AFTER YOUR CARE BEGINS. Children have the most to gain from having their spines checked at an early age. Most kids have never had a thorough examination of their spine. Why not have a checkup before a subtle spinal problem ends up causing them pain? 

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