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100% Privacy Guaranteed!!

At Ginsberg Chiropractic, your right to privacy and confidentiality is given the utmost priority.

The nature of our practice may require you to tell us personal information, such as your medical history. Only when we fully understand your condition, and all the factors which caused it will we be truly able to treat you. We understand that for you to reveal personal information to us, we must gain and keep your trust, and that is why we have an absolutely strict no exception Privacy Guarantee… your information will stay private!! Period. No exceptions!!!

We will not provide any information you give us to any person or company outside of our  office without your expressed permission or if required by court order. We will not sell your email address, phone number or name to outside parties. We only use this information to personally keep in contact with you. Your email address will be used to send you regular updates, monthly newsletters, special offers, changes or whatever else we feel you should know. But, if you do not want us to use your email as a means of contacting you – simply tell us, and we’ll delete your email address from our computer immediately.

We know how important your privacy is – how important your trust is – and we will do everything we can to honor it. As a doctor of chiropractic, it is my aim to heal you from the inside out, to promote general wellness – not just “pain free existence”.

I understand that your comfort with me, your trust in me, and our mutual respect for one another are all vital ingredients to truly achieving my goal. That is why you can rest assured that everyone at Ginsberg Chiropractic will do everything in their power to earn and keep your trust!


Ginsberg Chiropractic