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Dr. David Ginsberg

“Since I was little, I have competed in athletics and still enjoy competing in triathlon today. Being an athlete and avid sports enthusiast – I like to play golf, tennis, soccer, canoe, rock climb, triathlon, and adventure race.”

“I take an active interest in helping all of my patients to pursue their exercise goals. I realize that exercise to one individual may involve gardening or taking a walk around the block while to someone else they aren’t satisfied unless they are running 10 miles a day. ”

Whatever your desire, our goal is to help your body move and function more regularly. By combining targeted adjustments and massage, coupled with specific strengthening and stretching exercises we can have you on the road to performing whatever exercise you like at your optimal capability. Whether it is lifting your grandkids, refinishing your basement, walking around the block or finishing your first Ironman Distance Triathlon, we are committed to getting you through your event pain free.

Because of this you will find us at many of the local races stretching and doing post race massage from local 5k’s, the Great Western Half Marathon and the Fox Valley Marathon, as well as at Fox Valley Winter ChallengeTrail Series Races. In addition, we have provided stretching for the multisport madness kids triathlon (

Dr. Ginsberg writes monthly articles and has lectured for the Fox River Trail Runners ( the areas premier running club. In addition, he lectures yearly  for Dick Pond Athletics (Seven Steps to Marathon Success) and Geneva Running Outfitters.

Dr. Ginsberg holds a post graduate certificate in pediatrics and has the largest pediatric chiropractic office in the tri-city area. Many of these kids are athletes and our goal is to keep them on the field and healthy, as well as providing them with solid information on healthy eating and training techniques. The foundation for a healthy lifestyle begins in childhood which is the best time for kids to learn about ways to manage their aches and pains without resorting to medication on first impulse.

Ginsberg Chiropractic is the health care provider for St. Charles Gymnastics Academy (, Eclipse Select Soccer Club Tri-Cities ( and Cheer Alliance Competitive Cheerleading Club (, Multisport Madness Triathlon Club, and was the Team Chiropractor for the Chicago Slaughter Semi Pro Football Team.

Our mission is to help young athletes stay in their sport but also teach them about the importance of taking care of their bodies and safe training beginning at a young age.

A Testimonial From One of Many Happy Finishers:

Dr. Ginsberg,

I want to thank you again for your support and encouragement to help make this my best Marathon experience yet.   First, you helped me raise over $2,300 for Melanoma Research, exceeding my goal of $2,000.  As part of a 38 member, Jack’s Marathon Team, we raised over $35,000 this year.  All of this money will go to the Jack Marston Melanoma Research Fund.  Running as part of a charity team and the enthusiastic encouragement from you helped me push to achieve my second goal in this marathon and that was to finally break the 4 hour barrier.

The weather was chilly but most important, the wind was gentle.  I went out a littler faster than my target 3:55 goal pace and I did not Bonk like last year.  I felt strong throughout the race and I was able to maintain a near constant pace to finish at  3:52:21.  I am truly happy with this result.

I am grateful for all adjustments, running tips, and encouragement you have given me.  I owe a great deal to your staff for all the messages and help with stretches – all of this, I believe, played a tremendous part in my conditioning.  I didn’t experience the “wall” at mile 23 like in the past.

Thanks again for helping me achieve my goals.   My 2009 Chicago Marathon experience is one I will cherish.

Kind Regards,

Everett Phillips