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We utilize state of the art computerized surface EMG and Thermoscan technology to determine areas of muscle imbalance, temperature differences, and potential nerve interference along the course of the spine. This test is painless and can be performed in less than 5 minutes, which makes it a great screening tool to see if kids or adults may have chiropractic problems. In addition, it is a great tool to monitor improvement once the child or adult has had some care. To schedule your test call the office today at 620-232-6400. See below for a sample test and the report that comes with it.

The following EMG scans are of a teenage girl who complained of severe sharp head pains that had progressed from one time a day to up to ten times per day by the time she came in to the office. She also complained of jaw pain that switched from side to side and irregular menses. The head pain was beginning to interfere with school and sports. Consult with her family doctor, neurologist and MRI scan could not reveal a cause for the pain.

Chiropractic exam coupled with EMG findings suggested the pain in the head was being referred from nerve pressure in the upper cervical spine. See all the red in the neck area of her first scan.

neck pain geneva il

After 2 months of adjustments and trigger point therapy to the upper cervical spine the patient reported 75% improvement in her symptoms with the head pain occurring less than one time per week, none in the past several weeks. Her jaw was popping a lot less and not locking like it was before. She reports ability to play softball and school without any interruptions from her head pain anymore

neck pain scan geneva il